The Fallen

Against Paradise, Against our Maker
Aligned with the Morningstar, with the ‘traitor’
Against the Divine, Against all we knew
Heard were Samael’s words, and our numbers grew
With every impassioned word, our defiance swelled
Side by side with the Dragon, we rebelled
Doomed to fail, but fought all the same
With the Serpent we declared, “We shall not be tamed!”
Fallen from grace in the realm of torment
In the jaws of hades, with aggrieved lament
Patiently waiting, for our time to revel
Waiting to once again take up arms with the Devil.

– R.K. Lightfoot

‘The Fallen’ is a poem from the perspective of one of the fallen angels that followed Lucifer in his rebellion against Heaven. I decided I didn’t want to portray the rebellion or Lucifer as evil due to the fact that the poem is from the perspective of  an angel that followed Lucifer and so wouldn’t see their rebellion as an evil act.

© 2018
Photo via Pixabay CC0

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