Last Humans Left

For the very first time, we learned how to walk
For the very first time, we learned how to talk
Met our strong and silent cousins late
Leaving us too soon was ultimately their fate
Left alone in the dark and lonely night
Made us desire to create perpetual light
Left alone in the world without our kin
Left to face the cold, we covered our skin
We look to the stars, and hope
Searching intently through that scope
For its still dark, and we are lonely
And we are the last humans left

– R.K. Lightfoot

‘Last Humans Left’ is a poem from the perspective of a human (duh) who is lamenting the deaths of their ‘cousins’ soon after they met. This is meant to allude to the Neanderthals, ‘strong and silent’, who died off not long after first making contact with Homo Sapiens (us). The speaker portrays the loneliness the human race feels as a result of this fact and their desire to find intelligent life elsewhere so as not to be alone anymore.

© 2018
Photo via Pixabay CC0